Vibrant Outdoors has recently partnered with Indy Home & Design, a local TV program focused on bringing unique ideas and popular design trends  into your living room Sunday mornings.

Along with capturing visually stimulating video of the latest trends in model home design and decor, Indy Home & Design recognizes that more and more consumers are finding value in outdoor living spaces a well as uniquely designed landscapes.

Cue Vibrant Outdoors. As a residential custom design and build landscape company, Vibrant Outdoors specializes in partnering with customers like you to provide unique, functional and vibrant outdoor living spaces.

Over the next few months, you’ll see before and after videos of some of our recent projects; learn more about our design process (the process that transforms your project from conceptual design to functional space); and how each decision made through our collective partnership adds uniqueness to your project.

The videos below as well as other informational content can be viewed through our social media channels, which include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.