Design & Build

The creation of uniquely beautiful landscapes for your work place is one of our passions. We create and build custom landscaped environments that reflect your organization’s style and brand. Let us step into your world; and together we can bring your custom design to life!

Exterior Maintenance (Comprehensive)

The comprehensive care of your landscape including but not limited to your turf (mowing, fertilization and weed control applications), ornamental trees and shrubs, mulch beds, flower beds, and irrigation systems is the focus of our seasoned experts. Our professionally uniformed employees are trained to work in a safe, diligent and courteous manner while aiming to be as quiet and as minimally intrusive as possible. We will tailor an efficient and comprehensive landscape management plan to your needs and budget while improving your property’s aesthetic appearance and increasing its value.


Landscape Installation

Landscape installations of all sizes require the promise of experience, attention to detail, flexibility and complete accessibility from the landscape company to ensure the project’s success. Central Indiana’s leading new-home builders, construction companies, land developers and management companies continue to choose Vibrant Outdoors to deliver on these promises. Whether you’re a returning customer or this is our first project together, we’ll be working diligently to meet and surpass your expectations.


Mowing is usually the most expensive service over the course of the year. It also can provide the most headaches for its customers. A poor mowing crew will make poor decisions about what sized equipment to use, mowing in unfavorable conditions, skipping or missing areas, mowing too fast and just performing at a poor level. Our experienced mowing crews understand what it takes to perform at a high level. As a result, our commercial mowing service continues to be our strength.


Ornamental Care

Whether you have mature trees and shrubs or a newly planted landscape, every aspect of your ornamental care should be professionally managed. We’re trained to diagnose potential problems and suggest cost effective solutions to preserve the health and beauty of your ornamentals. We can perform ornamental care on a per project basis or put together an integrated, proactive program of regular inspections, preventive maintenance, scheduled pruning and timely fertilizations.

Restorations and Enhancements

Landscapes are living entities continuously evolving within a constant space and it’s critical to manage this evolution with renovations and enhancements. Restoration plans focus on the original design intent, retro fitting the plants back into the space they were originally designed to beautify by using selective pruning techniques, plant removal and plant relocation.
Enhancements can improve your property’s appearance, lower maintenance costs and enhance sustainability by adding plant material and reshaping the planting plan. We can both design and install the most simple to the most elaborate enhancement.


Seasonal Color

A vibrant splash of color does wonders for a property’s curb appeal, creating focus, order and drama to an otherwise ordinary landscape. Whether its perennials, annuals, ground cover, or hardscapes, our highly experienced designers will meet your desires with a creative color program for every season. As a complement to a well maintained landscape, a display of seasonal color from Vibrant Outdoors will make an eye catching statement about your property and attract the attention of tenants, residents, employees and guests.

Snow Services

Promptness and dependability are absolute musts for our clients when it comes to snow and ice management. We monitor all winter events long before they become local and we work with you to proactively establish an efficient snow response plan. As a result, when an event requires action, we quickly get the job done making your property safe for residents, employees and guests.